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Visioning Committee

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Purpose; duties. The purpose of this committee is to research, analyze and prepare a strategic plan for the City and to present a set of goals and objectives for the long-range development of the city to the commission for review and action. The duties of the committee are as follows:


  1. Review and conduct an ongoing analysis of the city’s direction.
  2. Undertake studies as needed in order to analyze present and/or future problems that could impact the city’s strategic plan.

Make recommendations to the city commission in the form of goals and objectives to meet the City’s future needs. The recommendations should address residential, commercial and industrial development, parks, open space and recreation, street or road improvements, public schools, community facilities and related issues.

  1. Prepare action items/implementation strategies for review and action by the commission in achieving stated goals and objectives.
  2. Periodically review strategic plan and recommend changes as necessary.
  3. Ensures there is a coordinating function with the planning commission.

Undertake special tasks assigned by the city commission; the city commission shall assure that the committee has the necessary resources to perform such tasks.

View the 2015 Strategic Plan as developed by the Visioning Committee pdf

Composition; term. The committee shall consist of ten members possessing some experience and/or knowledge of the strategic planning process. The qualifications of each member shall be judged on an individual basis. The committee shall elect annually a chairman and vice-chairman and any officer shall be eligible for re-election at the expiration of this term. The chairperson shall only vote to break a tie and the term of each member shall be for four years.

2014 Vision Committee Members:

Campbell, Bryan
Chambers, Les
Cobb, Joseph
Durham, Jim
Fedonazcek, Terri
Hoffnung, Derek
Milton, Ed
White, Jill