City Hall

The administrative office is responsible for the operation and management of the city. The offices of the Mayor, City Clerk, City Administrator, and Human Resource are located onsite. The administration staff oversees the financial and fiscal affairs of the city. The Administrative Department operates in compliance with all governmental guidelines dictated by the Federal, State, and City of Valparaiso. 

This office is responsible for the processing of all revenues for the city including the collection of business license, utility bills, communication bills, as well as permits, licenses, and etc.

The annual fiscal budgets are prepared in these offices to present to the city commission for their approval and implementation.

The Administrative Department also oversees the fiscal operations along with the personnel affairs of each department. Personnel representatives administer items relating to employees including fringe benefits, life and health insurance, workman’s compensation, and general policies relating to the Federal State, and City requirements.

All permanent copies of documents including City Charter, City Ordinances, City Resolutions, and Minutes of all City Meetings are maintained and stored on site in the administrative offices.