Household Garbage



Generally defined as kitchen waste: anything used in the preparation of food, including but not limited to, foods, food containers and non-recyclable wrappers.

Residential customers are asked to place garbage cans on the street curb or on the side or rear of the residence by 6 am day of scheduled pick up.

City employees are prohibited from entering closed areas.

Residential pickup is twice weekly, Monday/Thursday or Tuesday/Friday.

Commercial pickup is three times weekly, Monday/Wednesday/Friday.

Schools are serviced daily.

Schedules are adjusted for holidays.

  • If your address falls within the BLUE area your pickup days are Tuesday and Friday.
  • If your address falls within the RED area your pickup days are Monday and Thursday.

Residential yard debris pickup is once a week for leaves and limbs only. Scheduled days are adjusted for holidays.

Areas are designated according to color and indicate yard debris pickup day on the map below:

  • Blue area is Monday
  • Orange area is Tuesday
  • Purple area is Wednesday
  • Green area is Thursday