Divided into two categories:

  1. Old furniture, miscellaneous household items, boxes/cardboard and other items too large to fit into a 96 gallon trash can. This type of trash is collected normally once a week and must be placed in front of the residence, curbside, not in the street on your scheduled garbage day or Wednesday.
  2. Yard foliage, grass cuttings, tree limbs (four (4) inches in diameter and smaller) and hedge clippings.

Yard debris pickup is designed to be a service to residents for routine maintenance of your yard. By ordinance it is the responsibility of the homeowner or contractor to remove debris from contracted services or lot clearing. Contractors are not permitted to utilize residential City services as a means of removal for commercial work performed at any location within or outside of the City of Valparaiso. City crews are not permitted to remove debris generated in either of these circumstances.

It is important to keep yard debris separate from other trash. The City uses specialized equipment to pickup and process your yard debris. There can be no foreign material mixed in with the yard debris. Objects such as furniture, garden hoses, etc. can damage equipment and should not be placed in yard debris piles.

All construction and remodeling debris must be removed by the owner or contractor per City ordinance. City crews are not permitted under any circumstances to remove construction debris.